Green Cleaning

At National we provide our clients with the Always Clean. Always Green® program upon request. This Always Clean. Always Green® program was designed to improve a building’s environmental quality and sustainability, and provides a clean, healthy, and safe work environment. Following our green cleaning program enhances the value and integrity of our client facilities.

National cleaner mopping a restroom.

Green cleaning procedures allow National to function in an environmentally responsible way. The benefit of these cleaning products and techniques is an environmentally healthy and safe building, which in turn produces:

  • Improved employee and occupant health
  • Improved worker/employee productivity
  • Sustained or improved organizational reputation and brand equity among employees, customers, and the surrounding community
  • New opportunity to market and differentiate
  • Potential to earn points under the U.S Green Building Council LEED-EB rating system

Our green program seeks to simultaneously reduce costs through more effective cleaning techniques while improving health conditions and thus improving performance. The program does not achieve this simply by replacing traditional cleaning products with an environmentally preferable alternative, but rather the success of our green cleaning is found in the process. This program offers directions and techniques that reduce the overall impact on health and the environment and provides a safer environment for employees and customers. Adhering to the Always Clean. Always Green® program allows each employee the opportunity to work more effectively and efficiently while benefiting the health of employees, customers, and the environment on a whole.

Nationwide Services

While we are dedicated to delivery of superior service locally, all of our services can be provided to your locations nationwide.

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