Our Technology

We know that in order to be successful, we have to be constantly updating our system to incorporate the latest technology. All of our staff have cell phones and computers in order for 24/7 easy access. Just a few of our technological systems include electronic quality control reports, paperless web-based proposals, and the following systems:

Worksite Service Center

The Service Center is a web-based solution to send, track and receive information regarding client requests.  By using a database application we not only provide real-time follow-up information, but also capture data that can be used for tracking, trending and ongoing quality improvement.  Clients simply submit a request and our system immediately auto-assigns that request to the proper service team members and sends appropriate notifications. The client will then receive a confirmation email stating that the request has been received.  Once the request has been completed, the client will receive another email confirming that our team has resolved the issue.

Worksite also offers:

  • Communicator – A Window Showing All Activity
  • Preventative Maintenance – Periodic Task Scheduling
  • SnapShot Inspections – Real Time QA Status
  • Win TEAM – Web-based Telephone Timekeeping

SnapShot Inspections

  • Web-Based Inspection
  • SystemWorks with any PDA Phone
  • Real-Time Evaluations
  • Robust Reporting
  • Easy To Use

SnapShot Inspections provide a real time status of quality assurance evaluations from our management team. By using a web-enabled phone or PC, our managers enter their inspection results directly into each client’s site specific WorkSite database. Each web-based SnapShot inspection form is specific to a floor or site within the client’s property portfolio.

Win TEAM – Web-based Telephone Timekeeping

At any moment we know our client facilities are staffed.

  • Our cleaners call on and off at the worksite for accurate timekeeping
  • The system sends an alert within 5 minutes if a cleaner does not call in by a specified time
  • Caller ID confirms that our cleaner is calling from the authorized phone
  • A web access portal allows our managers to verify proper ins and outs
  • Actual labor gets compared to budgets to ensure proper service
  • Data from call on/off feeds into payroll check processing

Nationwide Services

While we are dedicated to delivery of superior service locally, all of our services can be provided to your locations nationwide.

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