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National on-site trainingWe know that operating successfully also means operating safely. Nothing is more important to us than maintaining a safe environment for both our clients and our cleaners. At National, being safe means more than just be careful. It also means we do everything we can to avoid customer and company property damage and we require intensive safety training in hopes of circumventing on-the-job injuries.

As part of this training, each cleaner must pass a series of tests relating to safe cleaning procedures prior to cleaning any accounts. In additional to this classroom training, each cleaner is trained on location to learn the specific potential hazards of a facility. We know that based on the facility, the possible dangers will vary, but our focus on safety never does.  Each cleaner also has access to written training guidelines that are designed to help achieve a safe working environment and to help each person understand safe practices and procedures on the job.



National classroom trainingIn addition to safety training, each cleaner goes through an extensive, three-tiered training program prior to cleaning any accounts. The training includes both classroom training and on-site training with National personnel. This structure gives our cleaners the benefit of applying what they’ve learned in a safe setting with a manager overseeing and reviewing their work. Each cleaner is also taken to the actual account they will be cleaning with their trainer, and will receive site-specific training to ensure the best possible performance.

Each of National’s account managers is required to be a Registered Building Services Manager (RBSM). Eligibility to become an RBSM requires prior experience in the management capacity and experience in the service contracting field. An RBSM must also demonstrate exceptional character, ability, and reputation and must pledge in writing to adhere to the BSCAI Code of Ethics. After an intensive period of study to become an RBSM, each candidate must successfully complete and pass an eight-hour exam dealing with numerous different aspects of the cleaning industry. Our account managers also engage in 40 hours of additional management training each year.

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While we are dedicated to delivery of superior service locally, all of our services can be provided to your locations nationwide.

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