We offer touchpoint disinfecting
solutions for a healthier facility.
Disinfecting Services

Helping our clients provide a healthier workplace for their guests, tenants, and employees.

NMC’s disinfection services deliver a comprehensive disinfecting program that breaks the spread of infection in facilities.

We work closely with the WHO, CDC, and our disinfecting chemical suppliers to develop our multi-faceted disinfection program and develop the most appropriate responses to outbreaks. As emerging infectious diseases are identified and mutate, we work diligently with the WHO, CDC, and our suppliers to ensure our disinfection program is adjusted to changing requirements.

Our disinfection program prevents infection spread and lessens the probability of infection in the businesses we serve.

While no disinfection program can guarantee that no infections will occur in a work environment, research shows that a comprehensive disinfection program for touchpoint surfaces can help eliminate infection pathways and reduce infection risk.

Our objective is to help our customers minimize the effect of infectious diseases in their workplaces. Our disinfection program includes CDC-recommended competencies and NMC’s proven processes.

To meet each client’s preferences, we created different levels of our disinfecting service that increase with the severity and incidence of an infectious disease.

Our Measures

  • Eliminate/control the spread of infectious microorganisms in the work environment
  • Reduce employee absences and sick days
  • Create a safe and healthy workplace
  • Potentially lower customer revenue loss due to reduced employee productivity


NMC sanitizes all touchpoint surfaces as specified by the customer using hospital-grade, EPA-registered disinfectants. Common touchpoints we disinfect include handrails, light switches, door handles, keyboards/mouses, time clocks, faucets, vending machines, headsets, phones, copier screens, and chair armrests.


Level 2 makes use of the same touchpoint disinfection and disinfectants as Level 1, however, Level 2 adds a procedure for precleaning, disinfecting, and, when required, electrostatic fogging. The entire area – or facility – is vacated, and everything beneath ceiling level is disinfected using the following process: precleaning of all surfaces of building personal property and facility components; disinfection of all surfaces of all personal property and within the area/facility; performing electrostatic fog disinfectant treatment of surfaces within the facility, if necessary; employing ATP testing to verify disinfection; and transmitting the ATP results to a hygienist, who generates a clearance report.


NMC’s Level 3 disinfection response is intended for buildings with occupants that cannot be removed, such as hospitals or high-traffic public facilities. In Level 3, NMC uses the same processes and disinfectants as Level 2, but additionally sets up a containment area with negative pressure and provides an onsite hygienist to conduct ATP oversight and testing.

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