We are committed to providing a positive company culture that values and supports each NMC team member. We take every opportunity to invest in the wellbeing of our employees, from higher wages to internal promotions to awards programs. We also provide a positive work environment, benefits packages, and reasonable workloads. We want to engage all our employees and help them grow in their careers, so we provide opportunities for advancement and training for new roles.

Working for NMC

We provide a positive working environment and a collaborative atmosphere where employees feel engaged and supported.

Hiring Process

Our thorough hiring process carefully screens candidates and we look for individuals who fit our culture and are looking to be part of our team long term.

Career Development

We are committed to providing career path opportunities for our employees and supporting them as they grow into new positions.

Our Team

NMC’s leadership comes from a variety of backgrounds, but all share the same goals: caring for our clients, employees, and community.

Job Search

Are you interested in becoming part of the NMC team? Search our open positions to find your next career.

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